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Meet the Luxury Brand Architect of this Generation.

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For outsiders, the life of Thomas Herd might resemble that of a big screen superhero. From hanging out with chart topping rappers to yachting in the French Riviera while adding billionaire clients to his agency´s public relations roster, one thing is for sure: the young and accomplished CEO has built a multinational empire with his bare hands, and that empire is called T1 Advertising.

By developing a scientific methodology for brand architecture, Mr. Herd who is also part of the Forbes New York Business Council, has helped hundreds of brands grow and achieve increased market relevance and higher returns.

Mr. Herd´s passion for uncovering the hidden trends behind affluent consumer behavior has seen him develop, package and execute a myriad of memorable campaigns for household names like Koio, L´Oreal, The Ritz Carlton, Barney´s New York, Aman Resorts and countless others.

After overcoming multiple challenges and obstacles, Thomas and his firm, Beverly Hills based T1 Advertising have experienced an unprecedented growth surge that has prompted the chief executive to travel to cities like Monaco and London where his luxury portfolio has become stronger and more relevant than ever before.

By turning into the pioneer marketing powerhouse to master the digital world through its development of concrete solutions to drive nearly every important metric, Mr. Herd´s company also serves as an inspiration for luxury brand managers who strive to secure a larger market share.