A Look Inside The Agency That Represents The World's Super-Wealthy. - The Influence Journal

A Look Inside The Agency That Represents The World's Super-Wealthy.

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For Thomas Herd, CEO of Manhattan & Beverly Hills based agency T1 Advertising, there is one market in particular that captured his attention during the summer of 2019: the world´s billionaires.

Having taken extensive trips to some of the wealth centers of the planet including London and Monaco and signing a record-setting amount of new ultra wealthy clients, he has put his firm in the spotlight of a who´s who of powerful financiers, entrepreneurs and European investment dynasties who entrust him with strategic tasks such as media relations and reputation management.

Mr. Herd, 31, who is also part of Forbes New York Business Council and an author at Forbes is one of the few young American CEO´s who have broken down the barriers surrounding European magnates and is said to be preparing for the opening of a Monaco office in the near future.

His passion for uncovering the hidden trends behind affluent consumer behavior has seen him develop, package and execute a myriad of memorable campaigns for household names like Koio, L´Oreal, The Ritz Carlton, Barney´s New York, Aman Resorts and countless others.

By turning T1 Advertising into the pioneer marketing powerhouse to master the digital world through its development of concrete solutions to drive nearly every important metric, Mr. Herd´s company also serves as an inspiration for luxury brand managers who strive to secure a larger market share.