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Louis Vuitton’s Classic Bisten Suitcases Now Come in Indestructible Titanium

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Tough as nails and super stylish.

Over the past few weeks, Louis Vuitton has been releasing playful monogram riffs on all sorts of superfluous objects, like this multicolored Jenga set ($3,050) or this giant volleyball ($2,650). But now the famed French fashion house has decided to channel that unbridled ingenuity to create something extremely useful: titanium luggage.

The luxury label has reinforced—both figuratively and literally—one of its coveted classics: the Bisten suitcase. Now available in rock-solid titanium, the new and improved Bisten boasts a chic metallic finish with the house’s iconic monogram laser engraved over the surface. The case’s original brass components have been upscaled to platinum metal, rendering it both sleek and incomparably sturdy. And lovers of leather can still delight in the cowhide leather handle, nametag and trimmings, which give the bag a softer edge.

On the inside, the subdued color scheme continues with a grey microfiber lining and handy cotton straps to make sure your garb stays in place. The cases are affixed with two side clasps and one secure lock with key—to protect your belongings.

We first got a glimpse of Louis Vuitton’s metallic ambitions at the start of January 2018, when the Men’s Fall 2018 collection debuted in Paris. Designer Kim Jones sent a titanium trunk down the runway strapped to a model’s back. Since then, we’ve seen mirror-polished titanium take the shape of a watch box, champagne box, a mountaineer’s backpack, and a carry-on wheeled bag. Now, the Bisten is finally getting its shiny new makeover.

“The Bisten suitcase is an integral part of the Louis Vuitton prestigious heritage,” reads the Louis Vuitton website. “It continues to impress connoisseurs from all around the world.” And with a price bracket which starts at $41,000 (for the 50-inch bag) and climbs to $46,500 (for the 60-inch case), this trunk should certainly want to impress.

Of course, titanium is not exactly a new phenomenon in luxury luggage. Heritage brands, like Rimowa and Samsonite, have long-been pedaling indestructible suitcases and there are a ton of new labels rolling onto the scene. But we’re more than happy to see a revered staple immortalized in titanic beauty.