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Why There´s Something Special About Juliet Pagnanelli.

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Italy is known for magnificent art, exquisite food and dashing women that have a hypnotic effect on the beholder, due to their otherworldly beauty and classy mannerisms.

The latest masterpiece to come out of this unique country is called Maria Giulia Pagnanelli, or as most of her friends know her: Juliet.

Raised in Los Angeles, California, the young starlet has always had a burning passion for the spotlight, even as a child she would demand that family members captured her with the camera as she posed carelessly.
“I was always captivated by the stage, there was just something about it that fascinated me so much. I would rewind my favorite cartoons in order to memorize the dialogues and perform for my mother.

In school I would look at the older kids performing at the school performances, And I would think “ah, this is what I want to do!” she affirms.

She has certainly come a long way since those early days, making a name for herself as a well established fashion model, having worked with leading brands like Guess and always looking for ways to refine her craft and improve her already magnetic presence.

For Juliet the path has not been free of challenges, including a family imposed mandate to study business but as she explains in her own words, she found the way to live her dreams:
“Finally after making everyone happy, doing everything they wanted me to, I conclusively decided to go get the things I wanted. I had everyone against it, but that just gave me more energy to do it, just to prove them wrong!
In less than a year I ended up shooting for “GUESS” several times, I got my first magazine cover in my first year of career, got featured in magazines wearing some of my favorite designers “La Perla”, “Dior” and “Armani”. And right now I set new goals for myself, I’m currently studying acting and I’m taking little steps towards my next tasks in life, because I think we should all remember that every great dream begins with a dreamer. And we all have within us the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars.”