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Nina Matos Is Using Her Beauty To Drive Positive Change

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With extraordinary beauty, also comes extraordinary attention.

Ever since she was a little girl in Brazil (her home country), top model and empowerment though leader Nina Matos has wanted to help improve the world she lives in.

Thanks to her uncompromising personal values, striking physical beauty and natural warmth, Ms. Matos has enjoyed great success throughout her career, even moving to Miami and signing with a high profile modeling agency, which in turn has enabled her to become a spokesperson for those who don´t have a voice.

Nina believes in every child´s right to grow up in a safe and loving environment, free from the menace of domestic violence and the trauma that often follows such cases.

She is known today as one of the most prolific and inspiring female empowerment tough leaders and domestic abuse prevention advocates, a woman of beauty and substance determined to be an agent of positive change in a world that so desperately needs these kind of role models.

Her belief system and values have been her calling card, and as her career keeps progressing, Nina Matos has made a priority out of inspiring new generations of aspiring models, influencers and public figures sharing the importance of having a positive message to spread and using public relevance as a tool to spark meaningful social change.

By remaining true to herself, this stunning young woman has been able to have a noteworthy impact across the fashion world, a platform that has served as a springboard for Nina to pursue her deepest calling: helping people live better lives by creating awareness around issues that have a direct effect in society as a whole.