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Discover Why The American Dream Is Timeless

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Bruce and Amber Steele have always understood each other very well; They think in a similar way and complement each other´s strengths.

Like most young and successful couples, their nights out together are always surrounded by a halo of sincere enjoyment, after copious family and work obligations are taken care of during the week, the scarce and precious time to unwind can be a priceless commodity.

For the South Carolina natives who made Texas their home, and Houston the base for their business endeavors, merely enjoying an outstanding drink was not enough – their quest to create a more authentic and smoother premium vodka began – and in a moment of unfiltered inspiration, the name “Timeless Vodka” appeared clearly in their mind´s eye. It was time to move forward.

As many entrepreneurs quickly discover, the road ahead would not be an easy one. From meticulous research to refined manufacturing initiatives and the selection of flawless aesthetics (their signature white bottle has become a topic of conversation amongst spirits aficionados) and countless other hurdles to overcome, their tenacity has proven to be a valuable asset.

“The moments we share with those we love are timeless, we experience joy and community; And from that point, we create the memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.” –Amber points out. “Hence the name: Timeless Vodka.” –the young brand builder concludes.

As demand for premium spirits continues its veritable upward trend and a new generation of consumers makes its mark on national and international markets, one thing has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt: The American Dream is timeless.

The idea of regular folks, turned successful entrepreneurs and influential executives has been the power source of America since the country´s inception, and today people like Bruce and Amber are reaching increasingly selective consumers and providing a personalized drinking experience unlike anything the premium vodka category has seen in no less than a decade.

We´ll toast to that!