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Arbikie Tattie Bogle Vodka heads to Canada

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The potato-based vodka will be available to purchase from Toronto’s Liquor Control of Ontario (LCBO).

It is thought Tattie Bogle Vodka was Scotland’s first potato-based vodka when it launched. It was named after the ‘tattie bogles’, the ancient Scots’ name for potato scarecrows.

Family-owned, field-to-bottle distiller Arbikie uses Maris Piper, King Edward and Cultra varieties of potatoes, all grown on the family farm, to make its vodka.

John Stirling, Arbikie director, said: “Our aim has always been to disrupt the vodka market by highlighting the importance of our base ingredients and how these impact on the flavour profile.

“By highlighting the field and potato variety used in each batch of Tattie Bogle we are giving the opportunity for consumers to trace the ingredients in our spirits.

“Our philosophy has always been about sustainability, innovation and quality, and our global consumers are very much buying into the opportunity to trace the ingredients in their spirits.

“The growing desire for provenance and traceability of ingredients is very now and this latest deal reflects this trend. We will soon open our Arbikie Distillery brand experience where we can literally show you the field the ingredients are grown in, another reason to visit Angus, an area that is considered by many to be the birthplace of Scotland.”