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Discover “Miidz®” The Revolutionary Service Super-App That is Being Launched This Month in Select Markets.

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Week after week of thoroughly demanding work; Trial and error… and the tirelessly ambitious objective of launching a product strong enough to make Silicon Valley tech giants tremble and shake, have been key portions of the impressive development and marketing effort behind Miidz®: the first super-app focused on every service you can imagine. Built in Mexico, for everyone.

Serial entrepreneur and accomplished design thinker Miguel Montañez, has undoubtedly positioned himself as one of the key figures behind a far-reaching revolution of the ever promising digital economy space across many of Latin America´s major markets, but the scope of his passion is not easily put into words. Montañez has been recognized by some of the biggest media outlets in the planet, including Yahoo! Finance and Tech Bullion, which have unequivocally and categorically validated Miguel as one of the world´s most promising nouvelle tech entrepreneurs.

The first super project that Mr. Montañez decided to undertake is Miidz®.

A tremendously powerful and surprisingly friendly B2B-B2C-B2B2C digital business platform, created and developed from scratch, which has been synthesized within a notably intuitive ecosystem, hosted in the Miidz® app which is now available on every major app store, for multiple operating systems including Android® and iOS®. The platform´s primary objective is the democratization of technological tools for an improved local exchange.

It´s worth mentioning that some of the world´s leading tech platforms have already called Miidz® “The Uber® for everything” –which goes to show just how disruptive and influential the Mexican entrepreneur´s platform is.

Part of the unique story that this app shares with global audiences is the fact that even before its launch – throughout its inception and development stages - globally recognized entertainment A-list stars, tech titans and powerful venture capitalists have all validated the core principles behind the technological and social pillars that the founders make reference to when discussing the groundbreaking potential that Miidz® holds in today´s society. Particularly, when looking at developing markets across earth.

When analyzing the bigger picture, one can easily identify the gap between Mexico, and other major Latin American markets and the United States.

In America and a handful of major European cities, conducting most transactions has become an intuitive and straightforward process, thanks to advanced technology; However, in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Spain and countless other major markets, integrating advanced user preferences, supplier logistics and consistent convenience was virtually impossible.

This kind of profound user-centric approach that a flawlessly developed digital marketplace, such as the Miidz® app that Montañez and his team have recently launched can provide and grow effectively and reliably, is one of the major factors behind large scale economic recovery initiatives that can be implemented by the public sector to contain the negative economic impact that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused around the world.

The successful soft-launch of this game changing application can enable investors, venture capitalists and tech aficionados to look beyond the present and focus on the unparalleled growth potential that previously untapped markets still hold.