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How Pop Culture Icon Emily Alexandra Guglielmo Uses Her Influence to do Good

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She´s young, beautiful and successful: Emily Alexandra Guglielmo – a Playboy® model, successful brand builder, professional mermaid and passionate philanthropist who has decided to use her platform to inspire and help others; The vivacious star is also an inspiration for countless women around the world.

She is a seasoned entrepreneur who has experienced major success as the founder of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics - a burgeoning company that has exhibited unstoppable growth since it was founded - thanks to its superior quality products and Emily´s innate talent as a product developer.

Emily´s lifelong passion for the ocean is what made her pursue her dream of becoming a real life mermaid. She has made a name for herself, and is internationally known for her beautiful mermaid identity, which has inspired other projects too. But this influence also makes her aware of her power to effect positive change in the world. Throughout her entire life, Emily Alexandra has felt a strong passion for the ocean and a special connection to its creatures.

Emily´s vehicle to do good is the non profit “Supporting Water”, an organization that helps to provide drinking water to those who need it most. Primarily in developing countries that do not have access to this vital resource.

Emily recently granted Influence Journal an interview, and here´s what she shared with us:

1. What’s the inspiration behind your nonprofit Supporting Water?

My inspiration came from when I was a child and I would watch the commercials on TV and see the children desperate for drinking water... I felt it in my soul that it’s an inalienable right to have potable water! It was then that I knew I could help and wanted too with all my might.

2. We know you’ll be traveling to Kenya later this year, can you share with our readers a few details about that trip?

I am so excited for this trip! This will be our first international mission. Our first one was 2019 in the mountains of Puerto Rico. We will be visiting two orphanage schools and the slum of Mombasa handing out individual straws that have special filtration technology in it to clean the water to 99.9% clean! We will also be putting in a solar panel water filtration system that needs no plumbing! I can’t wait... it truly is going to be life-changing!

3. How do you manage to find the time to run your cosmetics brand, the nonprofit and your own modeling career?

This one is a very good question… In order to keep my sanity and mental health, I make sure every Sunday I plan out my entire week and exactly what I’m going to do for each day including all my specific tasks that I’ am needing to do each day… I also cannot do it without my small team around me that helps out in so many ways more than one.

4. Where do you see yourself in a year?

I like this question since it’s making me think… Well, a year from now would be May 2022... I see myself getting a handle and grip on the cosmetic and nonprofit companies and elevating them to the next level. I also see myself traveling more, being super fit, doing much more with acting , and truly living my best life !

5. Any words of wisdom for people who are struggling to get in shape after quarantine lockdowns?

I recommend 15 minutes a day ~ where you literally do a walk outside , come back inside and do some stretching; some yoga and maybe 20 crunches ! As simple as that sounds… If you do it consistently every day, you will see a difference in a week.