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Leading US Hemp Firm California Grown Hemp Corp. Sets Its Sights on Switzerland.

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A leading natural grown US hemp firm, California Grown Hemp, has revealed ambitions to break into the Swiss and global hemp, CBD and marijuana market this summer. Already renowned in North America for the quality of its premium hemp, the company now wishes to make its name overseas and spread the word about its naturally-grown product. A group of hemp farmers and growers based in Santa Cruz County, the outfit likens its hemp to California’s fine wine and world-renowned produce – comparable in quality due to the excellent climate and growing conditions of the region.

Coming together in 2019, the specialists behind the brand operate farms across California and are dedicated to growing hemp completely organically and naturally. Committed to using only natural growing methods, the company proudly offers 100% natural grown hemp and the secret to achieving such a high-quality product. Alert to the world-leading standards of the Swiss hemp market, the firm trusts that its organic and natural credentials will set it apart and attract the attention of exacting Swiss and global customers.

Pedro Ibarra, Founder and Managing Director of California Grown Hemp, said: “We’re flourishing here in the US right now. The pandemic has seen an increased demand for hemp products, not just in North America but globally – particularly hemp smokable flowers, CBD oil and marijuana.

Now seems like the right time for us to break into the Swiss and global market and start showing the industry experts why our product is so highly thought of and so well respected.” He added: “People are soon going to see that the climate that’s responsible for such award- winning wines and produce is the exact same climate that makes exceptional hemp. We’re really excited to get the message out there and to start building long-term relationships with the Swiss and global partners.”

The group offers many varieties of hemp-such as Bubbatonic, Bubba Kush, OG Lime, Purple OG Legendary and many more. Each has slightly different characteristics and is suited to different customer needs, from aiding relaxation to therapeutic uses such as combating insomnia and alleviating stress, according to consumers.

The firm supports hemp brokers, wholesalers, distributors, dispensaries and e-commerce platforms. Its objective is to become the backbone supplier for Swiss and global hemp, from premium hemp flowers to biomass, CBD oil, CBD isolate and any related CBD or hemp products.

In a few short years the group has already become a favorite in North America, with strong customer relationships spanning the country. Glowing reports are to be found from coast to coast, with happy customers in New York, Colorado, Texas, New Jersey, Tennessee, Oregon, Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi and Vermont. The commercial acumen and hemp expertise that has catapulted the firm into a prime position at home stand them in good stead for this new move into Europe.

The company’s new website, launched earlier this year, offers both an English and German language option, ideally suited for Swiss customers. And for all that the team will be focusing on large, wholesale volume operations, they are ready to adapt to the demands of the market and accommodate any size of order.

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