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4 Reasons Why PinkKitty Craft Liqueur Is The New Best Way To Get Playful.

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Work had been nonstop, and for weeks my gal pals and I were forced to stay in. We had missed our epic girls nights and the feeling of freedom and anticipation that always accompanies us when we are out and about.

As young and attractive women who had been spending most of our nights at the office, putting the finishing touches on a big project that was due and which demanded our full attention, when the pace finally returned to normal at work, my girls and I were ready to go on the prowl.

“I heard about this pomegranate and peach vodka called PinkKitty” Jen said. “I think tonight is the night to try it out!”

As the squad and I got all glammed up and ready for a big night on the town with our beaus, anticipation started to build up: “Sandra told me about this stuff, she said she had the best night ever with Sean after a few cocktails” she explained.

We had heard many stories around this vodka, so we decided to find out what the fuzz was all about. Truth be told, there are many spirits brands out there, but none that this writer could find that actually gave people something new and exciting to talk about.

Upon picking up my first bottle of PinkKitty, I immediately noticed the attention to detail and felt deeply intrigued by the label as I have a passion for wildlife and their logo spoke to me. The bottle itself commands attention; When I tasted the stuff, my experience was taken to the next level: a silky, smooth blend of handcrafted vodka seamlessly infused with exotic ancient herbs and tasty fruits.

One shot and my heart was captured.

But then…I felt what Sandra had told us about… there is something unexplainable about how this liqueur makes you feel as a woman. The best words to describe it would be confidently relaxed, but also ready for intimacy.

The brand is one of two creations brought to life by American entrepreneur Robert J. Tushinsky and his imprint 2XL Swagger brands, the other one being EasyRhino, the male version that flawlessly complements PinkKitty!

Robert is a naturally creative and very passionate person; He has spent decades perfecting a formula that was originally created by his father – a successful American businessman credited with introducing the Sony brand to the United States- and who used to call the beverage “Fruitka” and present it as a very special gift to his close friends and business associates.

Robert went on to disrupt the spirits game with his two iconic brands, which have received raving reviews including one from the leading celebrity culture portal CelebMix which called PinkKitty and EasyRhino “The World´s Sexiest Liquor Brands on a recent article which inspired me to write this piece.

After enjoying a few PinkKitty cocktails I feel like Mr. Tushinsky has achieved something unique. Here are my four reasons why PinkKitty is the new best way to get playful:

1. Flavor, flavor flavor!

An ambitious, yet flawlessly executed blend of premium handcrafted vodka, infused with peach and pomegranate which provides a superior experience when imbibed. Decadent, seductive and delicious. One shot is all it takes to fall in love with PinkKitty. Even my ultra-picky friends couldn´t help themselves and ended up getting a little tipsy as I insisted that our drinking should be construed as merely journalistic research for this article!

2. Ancient herbs? Yes please.

Who can say no to ancient herbs like avena sativa, damiana and maca? Each more enticing than the last. The marvelous properties of these herbal compounds play a big part in what makes PinkKitty such a unique beverage and a ´love potion’ of sorts. The history of avena sativa dates back thousands of years all the way to the age of Egyptian splendor when it was used to enhance the experience of steam baths, while another splendid herb infused in PinkKitty is damiana, which is a wild shrub native to Mexico´s Baja California peninsula where local medicine men have long known about and benefitted from the herb´s special properties; And finally, the maca root which hails from the Peruvian highlands and has been regarded as a delicacy by all who have come in contact with it. Now imagine all that herbal goodness perfectly blended with a delicate yet commanding peach and pomegranate flavor and you´ll begin to understand why this vodka is on a class of its own.

3. That very special feeling…

If you´re anything like me and my friends, enjoying a few craft cocktails after a long day at work has become somewhat of a sacred ritual. Ripe with anticipation, from the clock hitting the spot, to the fun stories being exchanged and obviously the flavors and textures that fill our glasses, few things compare. However, having a drink (or a few) just wouldn´t be the same without the feeling of relaxation and playfulness that follows. What truly blew me away when drinking PinkKitty is the unique, incomparable sensations I experienced throughout my body after the first couple of cocktails were finished. I can´t quite put my finger on it, some might call it an aphrodisiac, others, the perfect icebreaker. I call it my secret sauce. Especially when the guys drink with us and they pound a few shots of EasyRhino (which is 2XL Swagger Brand´s vodka for him) the combination of moods is unlike anything I had ever experienced in the past. This is what makes for a truly unforgettable night out. The PinkKitty cocktails had me feeling frisky, confident but surprisingly lucid and present as my evening turned from a girls night out to a romantic encounter that will remain forever in my list of magical memories.

4. Looks also matter.

I don´t mean to sound superficial, but looks are certainly a major factor. When it comes to a well-rounded drinking experience, knowledgeable consumers take pride in the aesthetic element of their beverage of choice nearly as much as we do in the flavor. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. I love PinkKitty because the bottle is as seductive as the spirit itself. With its distinctive shape and heart-capturing deep fuchsia hue, from the moment that you pick the bottle up you begin to feel like a jungle queen ready to hunt down your prey of choice. When the contents of the bottle have been depleted, many of my friends have a hard time throwing the bottle away. Some keep it on their shelf until they get a new one, others take the cap off and use it as a candle holder; Personally, I always make a point of ordering a new one right before mine is over and done with. So far, each bottle has kept its promise to me: the promise of great times and wonderful memories.