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Revolutionizing Recruitment with AI: How The Source and Recruit Company Supercharges Hiring Outcomes

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The digital age has changed the world of recruitment dramatically, making the hunt for talent an exciting quest. Gone are the days when resumes and interviews were the only available tools. A brave new world has unfolded, built on the foundations of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Here, large language models help recruiters develop comprehensive recruitment strategies in the blink of an eye, while virtual pre-hire assessments can reliably gauge a candidate’s job fit.

But, as we all know, a new set of challenges comes with every leap forward. The recruitment industry is at a turning point, trying to find the sweet spot between human touch and AI-enabled personal assistance, cost-effectiveness, quality, and innovation.

As the world tries to wrap its head around the ups and downs of modern recruitment, one entrepreneur and his company have risen to the challenge, packing a groundbreaking formula with supercharged hiring outcomes.

Matthew Burzon and his team at The Source and Recruit Company have brought fresh ideas and perspectives to the recruitment industry since the venture’s inception. Rather than relying on contingency, retained, or executive search contract structures, they’re setting new benchmarks by blending the industry’s best technology with an hourly-based contract structure known as fractional recruiting.

This innovative mix has turned out to be a winning blueprint, helping them find top-notch talent while saving their clients a boatload of money.

“This is much more than a business strategy for us. It’s a commitment to our clients to deliver great results without the extravagant costs,” Burzon shares. “It’s about ensuring the right talent finds the right seat every single time.”

In a world where time is money, The Source and Recruit Company understands the importance of quick yet accurate results. This understanding has driven them to compile a technology stack chock full of features that allow them to source and select interested, qualified, and affordable talent rapidly yet thoughtfully.

The Source and Recruit Company’s partnership with PXT Select(™), allows them to use pre-hire assessments like the Step One Survey to get an early understanding of candidate qualities like work ethic, reliability, integrity, and attitudes towards illegal substance abuse. Source and Recruit is eligible to use this tool in all states except Massachusetts and Hawaii, which have legislation in place that bans the use of integrity testing in employment scenarios.

The practical side of using these tools in the hiring process is impressive. As Burzon explains, these and other tools in the Source and Recruit arsenal use predictive analytics to boost the chances of long-term candidate retention.

Yet, Burzon firmly believes that the human touch is irreplaceable in all business practices. Reflecting this stance is the fact that the company doesn’t have tools that automatically screen people out. The team reviews all candidates manually, except on search requisitions where there’s a high volume of applicants and candidates fail to answer prerequisite questions such as eligibility to work in the US or the ability to reliably commute to the work location in a favorable fashion.

Overall, the blend of technology and human intuition not only reduces hiring risks but also matches today’s business needs, making it a cost-effective and modern solution.

“We use the same hiring process at Source and Recruit as we use for our clients. Since implementing pre-hire assessments, our hires have greatly improved, and it seems the staff truly enjoys their line of work. This is likely because, as a hiring manager, I can tell if someone's work style fits with what we do here before I extend an offer of employment,” Burzon reveals.

Impressive results mark Burzon’s leadership at The Source and Recruit Company. They’ve maintained a fractional recruiting success rate of 85% in the past seven years. Clients often save up to 70% versus their prior reported recruitment spend, and with such high success rates, it’s clear that their approach goes beyond just being efficient. By cleverly embracing advances with AI, they’ve created a highly efficient talent acquisition framework.

As the digital horizon expands, AI’s role in recruitment has become even more critical. The Source and Recruit Company’s commitment to combining technology with human insight marks a promising trail for others in the field.