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Is LIFESTYLE GO+ Legit or not? See the Reviews

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Are you tired of feeling sceptical about free giveaways? No longer will you have to second-guess the authenticity with this truly legitimate giveaways and rewards program with a difference. LIFESTYLE GO+ is here to provide you with a trustworthy and thrilling rewards program that will leave you feeling satisfied and rewarded. With their extensive network of trusted brands, you can rest assured that the prizes and discounts you receive are genuine and worth your time. So why wait? Join LIFESTYLE GO+ Now and start enjoying the perks of being a member, including exclusive discounts from your Favorite Australian retailer brands and the chance to win some truly incredible giveaways from Cars, Custom Built 4WD’s, Boats, Bikes, Luxury Holidays, Technology prizes and more. It's time to put your doubts to rest and embrace a new world of legitimate and exciting rewards

LIFESTYLE GO+ has quickly become a thriving automotive community, making its mark in the Australian market following its global rewards platform success. With a dedicated and passionate fan base, this company has been on a mission since its establishment in 2020 to bring joy to its members through an exclusive VIP rewards program. By offering luxury cars, dream holidays, boats, bikes, and even cutting-edge tech prizes, LIFESTYLE GO+ has captured the attention of many. However, despite its undeniable reputation, there are still those who question the company's extraordinary claim of providing giveaways to win a car and life-changing prizes.

When stumbling upon an unexpected luxury sports car giveaway on your Facebook timeline, it's only natural to have some doubts. Michael Belle, the Head of Customer Experience at LIFESTYLE GO+ Australia, understands this concern all too well. He wants both existing and potential members to know that LIfeStyle GOPlus is not just any rewards club - it prioritizes offering customer discounts above all else. And the cherry on top? They genuinely give away cars to their loyal members. Becoming a member is all it takes to participate, and you'll automatically be entered into a draw of your choice. Worried about the legitimacy? Rest assured, you can easily verify it by checking out their Government approved trade permits licenses online or extensive list of previous Winners Here. At LIfeStyle GOPlus, they never compromise on their promises.

In a world where scepticism runs rampant, it's no surprise that stumbling upon an unexpected luxury sports car giveaway on your Facebook timeline might raise a few eyebrows. But fear not, because Michael Belle, the Head of Customer Experience at LIFESTYLE GO+ Australia, is here to put your mind at ease. He wants both existing and potential members to know that LIFESTYLE GO Plus is not your average rewards club. Their main focus is on offering customer discounts, and the icing on the cake is their genuine commitment to giving away cars to their loyal members. All you have to do to participate is become a member, and voila! You'll automatically be entered into a draw of your choice. And if you're still sceptical, just take a look at the extensive list of previous winners to verify the legitimacy. At LIfeStyleGO+, they never compromise on their promises.

How to Join the LIFESTYLE GO+ Loyalty Rewards Club?

Introducing the LIFESTYLE GO+ rewards platform, the ultimate solution for automotive enthusiasts who crave the best deals while saving money. With access to exclusive discounts from hundreds of partners across Australia, our members can enjoy unparalleled savings that are not available to the general public. And the best part? You can cancel anytime without any pesky penalties.

But wait, there's more! As a loyal member, you'll earn a reward every single month, which will accumulate over time. These rewards automatically enter you into every giveaway we host, regardless of the number of giveaways in a month. So, if you remain a member for four months on a PRO+ membership, you'll have 5x 4 months total 20 entries that will be automatically included in every giveaway during that period. This means that your chances of winning exciting prizes skyrocket every month, simply by being a loyal member of LIFESTYLE GO+. And the cherry on top? These entries never expire, allowing you to accumulate as many as you desire over time. With the incredible savings our members enjoy, the subscription cost is quickly paid back, leaving you with nothing but bonus rewards.

LIFESTYLE GO+ Charity Donations

LifeStyleGO+ Charities at the forefront of innovation in the Rewards industry, thanks to their collaboration with, a leading e-commerce solution integration for charities.

This groundbreaking partnership allows customers to select a charity of their choice from three options offered by Lifestyle GO+ after signing up for a new Premium membership. What sets them apart is their commitment to forwarding a portion of the profits directly to the chosen charity, without any intermediaries involved. By doing so, they demonstrate their dedication to the community and their conscious effort to bridge the gap between product and brand awareness for charities in need. Among their esteemed charity partners are the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), OXFAM Australia, Cancer Council, Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), and The Ocean Cleanup, just to name a few.