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Report to the Governor: Investigating John Harris Thaler’s Journey

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Through Love, Betrayal, Legal Battles, and the Discovery of Extensive Racketeering, Corruption, and Fraud resulting in the abduction of his son, McKinley

John Harris Thaler, a name that echoes in the corridors of both legal investigations and personal tribulations, was completely unaware that he was about to be entwined in a web of complexities when he first crossed paths with Brittany Rae Chavez on that fateful day, October 22, 2014. The ensuing years revealed a journey marked by love, betrayal, and an unexpected revelation of extensive racketeering enterprises.

Thaler, with a legal career spanning back to 1990, emerged as an expert in “White Collar” investigations. His role was to collect evidence essential for prosecuting civil or criminal complaints against racketeers when hired to do so. A parallel narrative unfolded as Thaler revealed his expertise as a political scientist, studying the intricate connections between racketeering and corruption within political systems, institutions, and leadership behavior.

In the early chapters of John Harris Thaler’s exposé, a captivating and unconventional love story began, challenging societal norms and defying the odds. Single for three years, Thaler found himself drawn to Brittany Rae Chavez despite a staggering age difference of 23 years.

Their journey, both personal and professional, unfolded against the backdrop of challenges, leading to a connection that resulted in engagement, homeownership, marriage, and the joyous birth of their son, McKinley. Thaler’s narrative, initially painting an appealing scene reminiscent of the American Dream, would soon take an unexpected turn.

Brittany Rae Chavez, a central figure in Thaler’s life, emerged not only as a life partner but also as a skilled trial paralegal. Employed at a prestigious boutique Scottsdale firm, Brittany showcased her legal prowess with an impressive track record of 21 trials.

As the pages of their story turn, the idyllic narrative faces an unexpected twist. In 2018, a routine exploration of the need for trust for the protection of their newborn son unraveled shocking revelations. Inconsistencies found in documented instruments associated with Brittany’s name and handwriting unveiled the surprising revelation that she and her family were extensively involved in a network of interstate racketeering enterprises.

The revelations surpassed the personal sphere, exposing the Chavez family’s involvement in money laundering activities spanning drug transactions, connections with religious groups, real estate dealings, securities, mortgages, and even the adult entertainment industry.

The plot thickens as Brittany, surreptitiously cooperating with an investigation initiated by institutional clients, faces threats from her own family upon discovery. Thaler, a relentless pursuer of the truth, found himself in the crosshairs of personal and professional challenges. Attempts on his life, fake claims to state bars, significant financial losses, and finally, the abduction of his son, McKinley, became the backdrop of a legal battle intertwined with a personal crisis.

Throughout the narrative, Thaler, the unwavering protagonist, emphasizes his relentless commitment to accuracy in the investigation. He stood firm in the face of adversity, declaring an unwavering dedication to getting it right. This tenacity became his compass, exposing him to surprises and dangers.

In a poignant reflection of the past four years, Thaler lays bare the emotional toll of his journey. From attempts on his life to swatting incidents, legal battles, financial losses and the abhorrent abduction of McKinley, he confronted each hardship with resilience.

Amid the tangled threads of love, betrayal, and legal strife, John Harris Thaler faces additional complexity: confronting the profound repercussions of the extensive racketeering, corruption, and fraud that trapped his family.

As he goes deeper into the deceit and criminality surrounding his former partner and her associates, Thaler finds disturbing truths that threaten to sabotage his personal life and the governance and justice in Arizona. The abduction of his son, McKinley, stands as a stark symbol of the dangers lurking within the shadows of power and influence.

Thaler’s relentless pursuit of accountability and justice extends beyond his own story, shaping a narrative that resonates with broader implications for the state and its institutions. As he prepares his report to the Governor, Thaler faces the daunting task of reclaiming his son and exposing the systemic rot that has plagued Arizona’s corridors of authority.

In conclusion, John Harris Thaler’s life, as depicted in “Report to the Governor,” transcends the boundaries of an investigative nonfiction book. It unfolds as a riveting tale of love, deception, legal battles, heartache, and an unyielding pursuit of the truth.