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Cory Paul Martin Hosts Spectacular Bodrum Getaway for 60 Friends, Marking the Grand Opening of Mariolino

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Cory Paul Martin

In an unforgettable celebration of friendship and luxury, Cory Paul Martin, accompanied by 60 of his closest friends, recently took over the stunning coastal town of Bodrum, Turkey. From June 15-20, the group experienced a lavish retreat hosted by the renowned Kuum Hotel, culminating in the grand opening of the highly anticipated Mariolino restaurant.

This exclusive event was a true testament to the spirit of camaraderie and indulgence. The Kuum Hotel, known for its breathtaking views and exceptional service, provided the perfect backdrop for a week filled with opulence, relaxation, and unforgettable memories. Guests were treated to a series of curated experiences, from private beach parties to gourmet dining, all designed to showcase the very best of what Bodrum has to offer.

The highlight of the trip was the grand opening of Mariolino, an exquisite new dining destination that promises to redefine luxury dining in Bodrum. The restaurant's debut was a glittering affair, hosted by Mario Haddad Jr. and Sepi Panhi, with Cory Paul Martin and his entourage being the first to savor its innovative menu and elegant ambiance. Mariolino's culinary offerings, a blend of traditional Turkish flavors with contemporary twists, left a lasting impression on all attendees.

Cory Paul Martin

"We wanted to create a unique and memorable experience for everyone," said Cory Paul Martin. "Bodrum's natural beauty and Kuum Hotel's exceptional hospitality provided the perfect setting for this special occasion. The opening of Mariolino was the cherry on top, offering a taste of something truly extraordinary."

Orkun Tuncel, owner of Kuum Hotel, ensured that the stay was nothing short of perfection. His commitment to excellence was evident in every detail, from the luxurious accommodations to the personalized service.

Throughout their stay, the group enjoyed a range of activities that showcased Bodrum's rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes. From yacht excursions along the turquoise coast to exploring historic sites, every moment was meticulously planned to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Stephanie Dorrance and Orkun Tuncel

A Star-Studded Affair at Kuum Hotel and Mariolino Beach Club & Restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey: The festivities kicked off with an electrifying set by DJ LUM-NU at Kuum/Mariolino.

The vibrant beats set the perfect tone for the week ahead, with guests dancing late into the night under the stars.The next day was all about glitz and glamour. At 3 PM, a "DRESS TO KILL" themed lunch took place at Mariolino. Guests dazzled in their finest attire, enjoying a lavish meal that extended into a sunset soirée.

The evening saw an exceptional performance by Satori at Scorpios Bodrum, where his captivating music enchanted the crowd.As the week progressed, guests spent their days basking in the sun with breathtaking views and a sumptuous lunch at Mariolino.

Cory Paul Martin

A highlight was the mesmerizing sandy sax performance by the Goddess of Saxophones, adding a touch of enchantment to the picturesque setting. As night fell, Dixon and Jimi Jules took over Luca Beach with their unforgettable sets, ensuring the party continued with unmatched energy and style.

The soulful tunes of Bora Uzer then filled the air at Kuum/Mariolino, creating an enchanting atmosphere that captivated the audience. His performance was a perfect blend of passion and artistry, leaving everyone in awe.

Devin Mazzara, Amelia Riley and Rachel Zakheim

The grand finale came with DJ Papa, who closed the celebration with a high-energy performance at Kuum/Mariolino. The dance floor was alive with excitement as guests celebrated the end of an extraordinary week.

This week-long celebration not only marked the grand opening of Mariolino but also reinforced the bonds of friendship among all who attended. As the sun set over Bodrum each evening, it was clear that this was more than just a vacation – it was a testament to the power of connection and the joy of shared experiences.

Sophie Schaffer, Hannah Fergason and Krisst Kat

Justine Vastano and Allison Sabbagh