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Joss Austin Is Breaking Rules And Making A Name For Himself.

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Since signing a major deal with Sashin Govender´s TMS Entertainment life has changed for South African rising star Joss Austin.

From impromptu backstage meetings with global music icon Post Malone to thrilling new projects and collaborations, the future looks bright for this young and talented artist who has been busy breaking music industry rules and making a name for himself while having a great time.

The 21 year old hip hop savant, emerges from the heart of South Africa, a country that has experienced a major cultural renaissance in recent years and is now becoming an international hub for talent businesses like TMS Entertainment which identified the young star´s massive potential and decided to empower him in hopes of achieving major notoriety and bonafide A-list status within an industry that has experienced major disruption.

Pushing an irresistible musical amalgam of catchy verses and sexy beats, the Durban born recording artist has been gaining international traction thanks to his innate talent and Mr. Govender´s business advise which has been a major asset in Austin´s career.

“I’m not striving for money or success but for happiness. This is what makes me happy. That’s my goal,” Joss says. “I want to show kids that they can too, no matter where they come from.”
Since signing with TMS, Joss has been fully focused his new album and plans to spend time in Los Angeles where he will collaborate with distinguished producer Jay Oliver who’s known for working with hip hop icons like Meek Mill, French Montana, Eminem and Yo Gotti among others.

Joss´ rise to music stardom is well underway, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that talent, dedication and the right connections go a long way when it comes to turning dreams into vibrant realities.