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Redefining Self-Care the My Karuna Way

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It´s no secret that modern life has become increasingly demanding, and as we power through our daily activities at a hectic and unrelenting pace we must keep in mind that health is the ultimate wealth.

For self-care conscious consumers, choices are somewhat limited when it comes to holistic products that enhance overall wellbeing while also providing nutrient rich solutions and outstanding taste.

The folks at My Karuna are passionate about providing a better way. As we navigate the day to day demands of our professional and domestic lives, the paramount importance of balanced nutrition, periodical detox and consistent personal empowerment becomes self evident.

For fitness extraordinaire and self empowerment thought leader Ashiko Westguard it all boils down to making the right choices:
“Truly loving yourself is all about the relationship that we have within ourselves. How we choose nourish our minds and honor our bodies. Connecting to that inner dialogue that drives our thoughts and there for actions. My Karuna has implemented them in products offering organic wholesome and plant-based ingredients. We strive to be recognized, to live bold, colorful and free. With My Karuna you’re able to re-energize without harmful ingredients, refocus to be able to climb higher but what’s most important is to know you made a conscious decision to better your health. It’s with that decision alone you become powerful, to take control of your life and love yourself. With a wide range of prebiotic’s, plant smoothies, juices and coffee drinks you have it all at your fingertips. From detoxing, to empowering there’s a vision, a brand that can fuel and support our busy lives. I’m a firm believer in taking control and deciding what we put in our bodies will lead us to a healthier and happier place.”
–Ashiko affirms.