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Meet Prav Chelliah: The Mind Behind Ballers Champagne

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“Work hard, play hard” – seems to be a way of life for many young and successful entrepreneurs. For Praveen ´Prav´Chelliah, business always comes first. He runs one of Canada´s most prolific real estate companies, and has also painstakingly created and launched a brand that has taken the premium beverage market by storm: Ballers champagne.

The exquisitely crafted champagne boasts one of the most attractive bottle designs for both its standard and rosé varieties. Produced using only the finest grapes, Ballers has ignited an organic revolution as more and more people want to buy into the lifestyle associated with the exclusive label.

Prav is no stranger to the spotlight, but what sets him apart from other young and prolific entrepreneurs seems to be his uncompromisingly high standards when it comes to the brands and products that he puts into the market. It´s safe to say that Mr. Chelliah himself is “a baller”.

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