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An Inside Look at DIBO Marketing, a Leading Agency for Chiropractors

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As more and more niches emerge, traditional marketing agencies can sometimes miss the mark when working for very specific businesses, however, dedicated companies that specialize in one clear niche and master it usually deliver game changing results for their clients. This has certainly been the case for DIBO Marketing; a lead gen and branding agency for Chiropractors.

The name DIBO is a mixture the founders´ names (Denis & Boris), and one of their closest friend who unfortunately passed; His nickname was Deebo.

Denis started his business at the peak of the pandemic in 2020 by learning his brother's Chiropractic marketing secrets and then using the same formula for other Chiropractors who have had great success. Denis expressed: “love to hear about Chiropractor's goals and want them to succeed! I always tell them, if you win, I win, and that's all that matters.”

DIBO Marketing´s primary focus on lead generation via Facebook, Instagram and TikTok + the social media branding aspect for these channels. Denis Cicak recently granted us an interview in which he explained the secrets behind his company´s success:

What makes DIBO Marketing a unique digital marketing company?

We literally fly out our videographer, Joseph Andrew, to your office and record content (videos + photos), use this content to run ads plus social media. Our company will provide a short + long term game plan to Chiropractic marketing by providing lead generation + content creation/branding for your Chiropractic business. We simplify your marketing process as much as possible to save you time and energy so you can see a return on your investment.

Please share with our readers one of your favorite client success stories.

Dr. Connor Oliveri, Tampa, FL -@dr.oliveri + @elevatehealthtampa

We started working with Dr. O in November of 2020 and have been working together since. My absolute favorite thing to see is new Chiropractors achieve their goals. Dr. O was working for an established Chiropractor and decided to open up his own office in South Tampa. He told me he wanted to open up the best wellness center in South Tampa in a year's time.. fast forward to Feb 2022 and Elevate Health Tampa has officially opened. Dr. O is one of the best and genuine guys I had the pleasure to work with. We had the opportunity to create content for him and see him grow not only as a Chiropractor, but as a person as well. His energy and achievements inspire others around him and that's what makes him so special.

Dr. Taylor Duncan, Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA @tdchiropractic

We started working with Dr. Taylor in the summer of 2020 and also have been working together since. Dr. Taylor was also working out of an office for another Chiropractor and decided to open up his own office in Pacific Beach. After 1.5 years of working together, he has become the most recognizable Chiropractor in the area of Pacific Beach. It's been an honor to see the success and the ups and downs of a new Chiropractor setting his own journey and crushing his goals.

What is your full range of services and how can chiropractors benefit from them?

We provide lead generation via social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), branding and social media management plus dedicated content creation (videos + photos)

Every Chiropractor can benefit from lead generation via social media, but once your market is competitive a good way to differentiate yourself is through branding + content creation. Instagram Reels + TikTok have exploded over the last year due to the simple fact that people are getting instant gratification through exciting content being displayed right in front of their eyes. To keep up with today's societal wants, we recommend Chiropractors get in front of the camera to grab their audience's attention (adjustment videos), educate them (health tip videos), and provide social proof (testimonial videos) to position you as the expert within your community.

Can you share some of the plans that you have for your company this year?

We're expanding as a team and aiming to change the game of chiropractic marketing so chiropractors can adapt to the new age of social media via content creation; We also plan to help 100 Chiropractors achieve their goals by the end of the year by positioning them as an expert within their community.

What advice would you give to businesses that are lacking a strong social media presence?

Create videos! Follow this formula, attention -> education -> social proof. So don´t be afraid to start getting in front of the camera and get your reps in!