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Richard Crighton and The Art of Living a Life Without Limits

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What would you do, if you could do anything you wanted? This question can be classified as wishful thinking for 99.9% of the world´s living population, as most people can only daydream of an untethered, unrestricted lifestyle.

But for Las Vegas socialite, Mr. Richard Crighton, a self proclaimed “wolf in wolves’ clothing”, the limitless life is the only life imaginable.

Mr. Crighton epitomizes the concept of self made success and embodies the American dream in a way few people can. From humble beginnings to the peak of success. From losing everything, to winning it all back…and then some, his life journey might seem like something out of a science fiction movie for the average outsider but when one looks at the unique mindset that characterizes him, it is not difficult to pinpoint the fearless entrepreneurial drive that has allowed the real estate mogul to achieve what seemed like an impossible dream by any metric.

Richard co-founded one of Las Vegas´ most respected real estate firms, the Rothwell Gornt Companies, he also co-owns several businesses across different categories and even sold a strip club to Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The colossal success that his business ventures have provided, enables Richard to live a life of constant travel to exotic locations, decadent feasts, super model packed outings, but perhaps most importantly, a life of boundless generosity of spirit.

His YouTube channel “Super Vegas Life” quickly became a reference point for users who find themselves drawn to the behind the scenes journey of a man who is known and loved by the entirety of sin city. It´s his town, beyond any shadow of a doubt, and those who don´t believe it need only to take a walk with Richard down the strip to see the genuine love and appreciation the iconic entrepreneur stirs up in everyone from nightclub owners to waiters.

Anyone who knows him can tell you, this man´s energy is on a whole different level. He will finish lunch in Vegas and spontaneously decide to hop on a plane and fly across the world, only to meet new people and share his blessings without expecting anything in return.

In Turkey, he met a kid at a restaurant and bought lunch for him and his mother, in London he sent drinks to random strangers making them smile at the unexpected warmth he projects, in Israel he met a street performer and shared his authenticity in the same way that he would with one of his multi-millionaire investor or CEO friends.

It is perhaps this quality that makes his story so unique, as we seldom find human beings capable of successfully balancing virtually unlimited power and money with uncorrupted authenticity and a love for life that exceeds what we would see even in the most enticing of movies.

This is the art of living life without limits, and Mr. Crighton might as well be Picasso.