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Formal attire is used for very fancy events like weddings and galas. It usually entails a dress suit and sometimes a white tie for an evening event.

Men who get an invite with a formal dress code often need help deciding what to wear. However, picking out a great outfit is easy when you know the basics.

What Is a Vest?

A vest, also known as a waistcoat or a jacket, is a garment that covers the chest and is usually worn underneath other upper-body clothing. It can be made from many different materials, may have one or more fastening mechanisms, and can be availed at any vest rental. The vest can have either a front opening or no opening and might have pockets for practical use.

Vests can be worn as part of a three-piece suit with a jacket and trousers or used in casual settings. They provide an extra layer of warmth and can be tailored to create various fashion looks, and all you need to do is find what shoes to pair with tuxedo and vest.

Consider a wool vest with shawl lapels to add a classy touch to your look. This style can be worn over a buttoned shirt and with a tie for a professional, classic look. A vest can also be worn over a plain or graphic tee with jeans for a more casual look.

Why Rent a Vest?

It would be great if every guy who loved to suit up had one solid tuxedo in his closet, but that's only realistic for some people. Tuxedo and suit rentals offer an easy way to get all the looks you want for special occasions without the expense of owning a full tuxedo.

Some formal wear rental shops offer a package deal where you can get a jacket, pants, shirt, vest, bow tie, or traditional tie for one price. This can save you money, especially if you rent for multiple events, such as a prom and weddings in the same season.

Another benefit of bundle pricing is that your rental has a convenient schedule. Typically, you pick up your rental on the Thursday or Friday before your event and return it the following day. You may incur a fee for items that are not returned on time. Most stores have policies and rules about pickup and drop-off times, so check with your store to see what they require.

How Vests Can Save You Money

Vests don't require dry cleaning or other special treatment like shirts do. A mild soap and sponge will keep them clean without sacrificing the ballistic panels and other high-quality materials that make them challenging.

It's generally recommended that a man wear a vest made from the same fabric as the rest of his suit and pants for a cohesive, refined appearance. Mixing fabrics is a major fashion faux pas and can result in an eclectic look that needs to be more flattering and stylish.

Choosing the right vest length is also essential. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your vest stops about 1 inch past the belt loops of your suit trousers when standing up.

Another thing to pay attention to when choosing a vest is the type of leather it's made from. There are more than a half-dozen different types of leather, from split to corrected-grain to full-grain. The best choice is full-grain leather, which offers superior quality and looks.

How Vests Can Be Worn Again

In a world where people often settle for a casual jeans and tee look, it's nice to have something more formal available. Like the one Luke Evans wore yesterday, vests can be a stylish addition to warm-weather wardrobes.

Vests are also an easy way to dress up a pair of jeans. Just make sure the vest is dark and fits well. Then, choose a shirt with either long sleeves or a polo and a contrasting tie to wear over the top.

You can even wear a vest under a tuxedo, but only if you wear a dinner jacket and matching trousers. Avoid wearing a dinner jacket without a vest, which can look too relaxed. Also, be sure the vest is tight enough and is in a color that matches the rest of your outfit. Otherwise, you risk looking like a man dissecting a three-piece suit. This is a style move that could quickly become dated.